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Best Dietitian in Mayur Vihar for Weight Loss

Role of a good dietitian is very important to understand the nutritional requirement along with physical activity. Including fruits and green vegetables in our diet are key factors to improve our lifestyle and to remain fit. Yoga, Zumba, Brisk Walk, Cycling, Exercise can help to a large extent to stay fit. Consulting a dietitian will help you to understand your daily calorie requirement and eat within that limit. Busy schedules and hectic life makes it difficult to take care of our health. Its important to understand that its not only physical activity but diet also plays an important role to stay healthy. Mayur Vihar has comeup with many new fitness centers with attractive membership plans.
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Some easy information for everyone to help in weight control

  1. Dumbell exercise is considered good for weight loss.
  2. Flax seeds, quinoa and sesame are good for weight loss.
  3. Take more fruits on daily basis. Fruits are good source of fibres and vitamins.
  4. Lean chicken is good source of protein include this in your daily diet.

Weight loss therapy with cucumber and mint water - Category (Dietitian)(FAQ)

  1. My granny has told me to start lemon and honey water for Weight loss. Will it solve the purpose.
  2. Every other person who works towards Fat loss therapy is aware of honey and lemon water. Why is it so popular. Does it actually work. I am just curious.
  3. Does honey and lime water helps in weight reduction.
  4. How much weight I can lose by starting lemon and honey water juice.
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Understand the difference between Cross trainer and treadmill (Generally asked questions)

  1. Is it ok to do both treadmill and cross trainer as part of cardio exercise in the gym. Or should I do only one exercise in a day.
  2. What are the benefits of treadmill and cross trainer. I am more comfortable doing the treadmill. Can I do cross trainer on alternate days.
  3. I am planning to buy a treadmill for my home usage so that I can do the walking even in my busy schedule. What features I should be looking at?
  4. Should I be using my hands to drive the machine while working on cross trainer.

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Doubts and Frequently asked questions by people

  1. What is the good time for lunch.
  2. I work in night shifts. Please give me some useful tips to get slim.
  3. What is the best time to go to the gym. I have recently joined a fitness center in mayur vihar
  4. How to beat belly fat by eating healthy way.Please suggest a dietician