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Best Dietitian in Preet Vihar

An expert Dietitian and Nutritionists customizes eating plans to help empower people to select good food items. Make a healthy choice and give your body the required nutrients it needs by eating a variety of nutrient packed food items. 30 to 40 minutes of daily walk can help to lose extra calories. One should avoid packaged food, fast food and sugary food items to stay healthy and fit. Sufficient water intake is also very important for a healthy life. Being fit makes anyone more confident. Preet Vihar is in Delhi and have many Gym, Fitness Centers and Zumba centers.
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Some quick tips to lose weight faster

  1. Start doing strength training to lose weight in easy way.
  2. Ask yourself if you are taking healthy food on daily basis.
  3. Drinking plenty of water on daily basis helps a lot in weight loss, Its recommended to have a small bottle always with you and keep sipping it whole day.
  4. Drinking enough water is very important, Its recommended to have a small bottle always with you and keep sipping it whole day.

Most common FAQ on Fat loss program

  1. What are the benefits of drinking lemon and honey water. Should I use warm water.
  2. Does lemon and honey really help in Weight loss.
  3. How can I make honey and lemon water for weight reduction.
  4. How can I prepare lemon water, mint water and cucumber at home? What is the best time to drink the mixed water?
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Understand the difference between Cross trainer and treadmill (Generally asked questions)

  1. Is it ok to do both treadmill and cross trainer as part of cardio exercise in the gym. Or should I do only one exercise in a day.
  2. Can I run on the treadmill or we should only be walking on it. I am doing brisk walk on alternate day.
  3. I have recently joined a gym. I am doing 15 minutes of Treadmill and 15 minutes on Cross trainer. Should I increase the time or it is fine.
  4. What are the benefits of treadmill and cross trainer. I am more comfortable doing the treadmill. Can I do cross trainer on alternate days.

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Queries and Frequently asked questions received from viewers - Category Dietitian

  1. Is it fine to take diet pills or supplements for weight loss.
  2. What are the good online weight loss programs which are absolutely free. I am looking for some e-book
  3. Is there any recommended fish oil for weight loss.
  4. How can I lose extra pounds from my arms. I stay in Preet Vihar